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CATV Distribution Amplifier DA860-R
Sub-trunk CATV amplifier, 2-output, 87-862MHz, transistor+PHILIPS amplifier module BGD814, fixed plug-in ATT and EQ, output level 106 dBu... [Last Updated£º2009-4-17]
CATV Bi-Directional Amplifier T type
T Type Bi-Directional trunk amplifier, 1 port output, forward path amplifier module, 35dB gain, reverse path 0/18dB. Variable ATT and EQ ... [Last Updated£º2013-5-3]
CATV trunk amplifier TA400
CATV trunk amplifier TA400, 2-output, 5-42,65/54,87-862MHz, PHILIPS amplifier module, variable ATT and EQ, output level 106dBuV, forward ... [Last Updated£º2012-4-10]
CATV Drop Amplifier K Type
K Type Forward Path Trunk Amplifier, 2 port output, forward path amplifier module, 26/30dB gain. Variable ATT and EQ is available, local ... [Last Updated£º2009-10-28]
Home amplifier, forward path, 1-output, 47/57/87-862MHz, Chinese amplifier module, gain 15dB,Return band 5-30 or 5-42 or 5-65MHz .imperia... [Last Updated£º2010-12-14]
CATV Drop Amplifier Q Type
Q Type Forward Path Bridging Amplifier, 4 port output, forward path amplifier module, 27/30dB gain. Variable ATT and EQ is available, loc... [Last Updated£º2009-10-28]

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