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CSP-ZC termination box is suitable for jointing fiber.Cable and pigtail, and it protects fiber optic splices and helps to distribute. The termination box is either a wall-mounting type or a desktop type which is mainly used in telecommunication equipment room and network equipment....

Key Features

í˝Light weight, small size, easy installation
í˝Provide splice protection of fiber cable and pigtail
í˝Made of metal quality ,with static-spray surface,it is of nice shape 
í˝Slide-iN-Lock splice tray, therefore easy for installation
í˝Suit for FC, SC, ST, LC adapter
í˝Provided with 2 entry/exit ports

Ordering Guidance

Type Max. no. of splice tray Max. Fiber count Max. No. of adapters
(SC, LC, ST)
Max. No. of adapters(FC) L x W x H(mm)
CSP-ZC 1 tray with each tray 12 fibers 12 8 6 350x168x50
2 trays with each tray 12 fibers 24 16 12 350x168x75
3 trays with each tray 12 fibers 36 24 18 350x168x100
4 trays with each tray 4 fibers





5 trays with each tray 12 fibers 60 40 30 350x168x150
6 trays with each tray 12 fibers 72 48 36 350x168x175
8 trays with each tray 12 fibers 96 64 48 350x168x225

Accessories ú║
Accessories provided with termination box: insulation tape, nylon tie, numbering paper,

and fixer;Accessories to be ordered in addition: pigtail, patchcord and adapter


Fiber termination box( pdf format )  
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