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  Product ->GEPON->OLT->OLT-CSP8230T Optical Line Teminal  


OLT CSP8230T is an independent research and development company FTTX central office OLT large telecom equipment, in line with IEEE802.3-2005 standard and technical requirements for China Telecom V2.1 specification EPON equipment; able to provide broadband, voice, IPTV, CATV and other integrated services access....


#High-density, flexible network, 2 boards, maximum 8 PON ports.
#Highly reliable, environmental adaptability 2U chassis, hot-swappable module design, online replacement.
#Redundant power, redundant fans.
#Good shielding measures.
#Aggregation layer switch  Layer wire-speed forwarding, support for rich layer protocol.
#Leaflets 8K MAC address table PON board.
#8 uplink ports, port aggregation through the largest available 4G uplink bandwidth.
#Uplink port to support electrical modules and optical interface modules.
#Complete network management, GUI graphical interface and management interface.
#Support the band, band management.
#Online support equipment software upgrades
#Strong QOS features Support flexible DBA, up and down traffic speed.
#Support IP ToS, IEEE802.1p.
#Port-based traffic control, traffic shaping.
#Rich OAM features, Support ONU automatic identification, auto-discovery, auto-registration.
#Single link to support the automatic loop-back test function.
#VLAN powerful features, including VLAN Stacking, Trunk, Translation, flexible QINQ.
#Flexible and controllable multicast support, support IGMP snooping.

OLT-CSP8230T Optical Line Teminal( pdf format )  
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