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  Product ->GEPON->ONU->ONU-CSP8027U Optical Network Unit  


CSP8027U-type ONU products fully comply IEEE 8 0 2. 3 - 2 0 0 5 EPON equipment and technical requirements for China Telecom V 2. 1, with carrier-class operational, management, and easy maintenance. Is a compatible 8 0 2. 1 1 b / g wireless routers and VoIP phones EPON HGU (home gateway) device, to provide broadband connectivity to provide users with data, voice, video and other business and family and office high-speed wireless internet access, suitable for home and business network environments, is to carry out multi-service operator portal....


# meet the IEEE 8 0 2. 3 ah standards and CTC V 2. 1 technical requirements.
# support Ethernet switching and the second floor of wire-speed forwarding business.
# support frame filtering and suppression.
# supports standard 8 0 2. 1 Q Vlan, support VLAN translation.
# Support 4094pcs VLAN (8 0 2. 1 Q).
# supports dynamic bandwidth allocation capabilities (DBA).
# support QoS, including traffic classification, priority mark, queue, schedule, traffic shape and flow control.
# Support IGMP Snooping.
# Ethernet port speed, loop detection.
# support off alarms.
# Support for remote reset and restart function
# support functions to restore the factory parameters
# support data encryption
# ONU MAC address-based access authentication support
# support state detection and fault reporting functions
# lightning protection and business support for the port mine.
# VoIP Softswitch supports SIP protocol.
# powerful QoS capabilities, multi-service environment protection of VoIP, IPTV service quality and other key business

ONU-CSP8027U Optical Network Unit( pdf format )  
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