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Cable Cross-connect Cabinet CSP-401A

Cable Cross-connect Cabinet is used for the distribution of outdoor trunk fiber optic cable in access network and distribution cable in distribution node. It realizes fiber connection, storage, splice and adjustment. It has two kinds of installation methods: outdoor floor mounted and aerial....

°§The comers of the cabinet are formed by using special arc shaping mould with its surface electrostatic spraying and nice appearance
°§SMC Kelon cabinet with IP65 grade, suitable for rapid climate change and harsh working environment
°§Special sealing material for door, waterproof door lock and three-point lock
°§Plug-in FC, SC, LC and ST adapters (For ST adapters, additional accessory is needed.)
°§Comply with YD/T988-1998 standard
°§Enough fiber routing and storage space inside
°§Cable fixation units can fix 1~6 cables
°§Reliable cable fixation device and grounding device
°§Clear and integral marking
Technical Parameter:
°§ Environmental Temperature: -40 C~+60C
°§ Relative Humidity: °‹95% (+40C)
°§ Air Pressure: 70~106KPa
°§ Connector Loss (repeatability and exchangeability included): °‹0.50dB
°§ Insertion Loss: °‹0.20dB
°§ Return Loss: APC°›60dB, UPC°›50dB, PC°›45dB
°§ Voltage Resistance: °›3000V(DC), 1 min no puncture, no arc-over
°§ Insulation Resistance: °›2°Ń104M¶ł/500V (DC)
°§Flame Retardant: Standard GB/T5169.7°™1985 compliant
°§All surfaces of the cabinet can endure vertical pressure more than 980N

Ordering Information:

Part No.
Dimension (H°ŃW°ŃD)
Distribution /Splice Capacity
12/24 fibers
SMC cabinet, wall mounting
24/48 fibers
SMC cabinet, wall mounting
48/96 fibers
SMC cabinet, wall mounting

Cable Cross-connect Cabinet( pdf format )  
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