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The Digital China DCRS-5960 series switches are 10Gigabit IPv6 Ethernet Layer 3 switch.There are 6 types switch for this family. The product family includes DCRS-5960-28T,DCRS-5960-28T-DC, DCRS-5960-52T, DCRS-5960-52T-DC, DCRS-5960-28T-POE and DCRS-5960-52T-POE. All products support IPv6 with hardware and pass the IPv6 form certification Phase II. All products comply with the RoHS standard....

#With high switching capacity, the DCRS-5960 series switch support wire-speed L2/L3
  forwarding and high routing performance for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols
#The DCRS-5960 series switch delivers high-performance, hardware based IP routing
#support MPLS/MPLS VPN and help customer construct more security network. The DCRS-596
  can support max 255 VRF instance
#The product support rich L2 multicast features such as IGMPv1/v2/v3 and snooping and
  L3 multicast protocols such as PIM-DM,PIM-SM .PIM-SSM even MSDP
#MRPP is Multi-layer Ring Protection Protocol. It introduced Layer concept for loop
  at the basis of traditional loop protect protocol.
#8 queues per port enable differentiated management of up to 8 traffic types
#IEEE 802.1X port-based access control and MAC-based access control ensure all users
  are authorized before being granted access to the network.
#POE support
#Abundant IPv6 Support

Dual Stack 10G Ethernet( pdf format )  
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