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Optical equipment for cable TV

PON Power Meter OPM-2

PON Power Meter OPM-2
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    Fiber Optic Equipment for FTTx PON Optical Power Meter

    PON optical power meter is a tester designed for design, operation and maintenance of FTTX network.

    It is able to concurrently measure the optical power values of voice, data and video signals.

    It is an ideal choice for the construction and maintenance of FTTx network works.

    • 2.4' LCD screen disply
    • Wavelength 1310/1490/1550nm
    • Auto-zero function
    • Measurement range:-40~+20dB


    1310 upstream measurement
    Pass Zone(nm) 1260nm~1360nm
    MeasurementRange(dBm) -40dBm~+10dBm
    Output power(max) 15dBm
    Isolation@1490/1550(dB) >40dB
    Burst mode measurement error ±0.5dB
    1490 downstream measurement
    Pass Zone(nm) 1470nm~1505nm
    MeasurementRange(dBm) -40dBm~+10dBm
    Output power(max) 15dBm
    Isolation@1310/1550(dB) >40dB
    1550 downstream measurement
    Pass Zone(nm) 1535nm~1570nm
    MeasurementRange(dBm) -40dBm~+10dBm
    Output power(max) 25dBm
    Isolation@(1310/1490nm) >40dB
    Measurement Accuracy
    Connatural uncertainty(dB) ±0.5dB
    Linearity(dB) ±0.1dB
    Passing through insertion Loss(dB) <1.5dB
    General Information
    Detector Type InGaAs
    Optical Connector FC/SC/ST Interchangeable/2.5 universal adapter
    Fiber Type SM 9/125um
    Measurement Unit dB/dBm/xW
    Resolution (dB) 0.01dB
    Input Voltage(V) DC 6.5V~8.5V
    Dimensions(mm) 210x115x55