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Optical equipment for cable TV

FTTx Satellite Optical Mini Receiver with WDM CSP-1010SWD

FTTx Satellite Optical Mini Receiver with WDM CSP-1010SWD
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    CSP-1010SWD optical receiver, adopting high-sensitivity PIN detector, receiving sensitivity is -22dBm, typical value -13dBm. It can receive analogue and digital signal with the frequency of 47~2600MHz on a single fiber, and compatible with any FTTx PON to achieve triple-network combination between Analog TV(<10CH), Digital TV (DVB-C, DVB-T), Satellite TV (DVB-S) and Internet & FTTH.
    CSP-1010SWD: Adopting 1U 19" standard casing, the working parameters of the unit is controlled by micro-processor. LCD on the front panel can display the working status and failure diagnosis. Standard RS232 communication interface, SNMP network management function, which is suitable for project application.

    1. PIN optical receiving, -22dBm receiving sensitivity, typical value: -13dBm.

    2. High linearity, suitable for Digital TV & SAT-IF application.

    3. Wide band type: 47~2600MHz.

    4. 10CH Analog TV, Digital TV (DVB-C), Satellite TV (DVB-S) signal can receive via a single fiber at the same time.

    5. It can be compatible with any FTTx PON technology.

    6. Different exterior structures. Suitable for FTTH, FTTP, FTTB, FTTC.

    7. Excellent P/P Ratio
    Item Unit Specifications
    Optical Feature
    Receiving optical power dBm -18 ~ +2, AGC range (-15 ~-3) ( -12~0) optional
    Reflection loss dB >45
    Optical input wavelength nm 1550 (PON pass wavelength: 1310/1490)
    Connector   SC/APC or FC/APC; SC/UPC or FC/UPC
    Fiber type   Single mode
    Link Feature
    C/N dB ≥51 -1dBm optical power receiving
    C/CTB dB ≥65
    C/CSO dB ≥62
    RF Feature
    Work Bandwidth MHz 47-860 & 950-2600
    Flatness dB ±0.75
    Output level dBuV 85±1 (1000MHz)    AGC range (-8 ~ 0)
    Return loss dB ≥16
    Outputimpedance Ω 75
    Power consume W <1
    Size mm 96*50*23