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Optical equipment for cable TV

Outdoor L Band Satellite Optical Transmitter CSP-2600T

Outdoor L Band Satellite Optical Transmitter CSP-2600T
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    CSP-2600T series optical transmitter RF input port can supply working voltage to frequency transformer of outdoor connecting Ku-band or C-band. It can also achieve conversion of horizontal and vertical polarization of satellite reception. T-2600-F belong to outdoor optical transmitter, power supply for 220Vac.

    1. Transmitter and receiver transports the L-band Spectrum (45 to 2600MHz)
    2. LNB Power uses current limiting technology.
    3. Transmitter and receiver separately is packaged in a rugged stand-along enclosure.
    4. +13, OFF and +17 LBN Power Option in Transmitter side. 
    RF parameters parameter remark
    RF port FL 10  
    Input Impedance 75Ω  
    Input standing wave ≤1.5  
    Input signal range -18dBm~-50dBm  
    Flatness ±0.75dB Within36MHz  ±0.25dB
    HUM ≤-55dBc  
    Power supply ≥DC300mA  
    CNR ≤-55dBc  
    Frequency converter  H polarization voltage 12v\V polarization voltage 12v
    Optical parameters parameter remark
    Optical connector SC\APC, FC\APC  
    Operating wavelength 1310±20nm  
    Return loss ≥50dB  
    Output power -3~+8dBm optional
    Environmental parameters parameter remark
    Working temp 0~50℃  
    Storage temp -45~85℃  
    Supply voltage ~60Vac  
    Total power consumption ≤5W