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Optical equipment for cable TV

Outdoor L Band Optical Satellite Receiver CSP-2600R

Outdoor L Band Optical Satellite Receiver CSP-2600R
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    CSP-2600R is a High performance, Compact size, light weight Optical receiver , with 47-2600MHz working range, thus it is able to simultaneously handle DVB-C (47 TO 862MHz) and DVB-S/S2 (960-2400MHz) signals, this unit also has a wider Optic receiving range: 1260 to 1620nm, a high receiving sensitivity: -17 to +2dBm@DigitalTV and an output RF level: 90dBuV@0dBm, an indicated light equipped on the shell shows the input optic power level status by color: green (Normal), Orange (Low) and Red (High). Realize FTTH and the intergration of Analog TV (DBS-C,DBS-T) and Satellite TV.

    1. 47-2600MHz working range
    2. High linearity, especially used in the FTTx system such as: GPON, GEPON and D-PON
    3. Analog TV: (84CH PAL-D, OMI=3.8%, Pin=-1dBm) C/N>51dB, CTB≤ -66dB, CSO≤ -62dB;
    4. Digital TV: (Original signal MER=38.6dB, BER<1.0E-9) Pin=-14dBm, MER≥33dB (MER degrade 5dB), Pin=-19dBm,BER<1.0E-9;
    5. Satellite TV: (Original signal quality =64%) Pin=-18dBm, signal quality >38%

    Indexes Remark
    Min Typ Max
    Optical Characteristics
    Operating Wavelength (nm) 1260   1620  
    Responsivity (A/W) 0.85      
    Receiving optical power range (dBm) -7   2 Analog TV
    -14   2 Digital TV
    -18   2 Satellite TV
    Optical Return Loss (dB) 50      
    Optical Connector Type   SC/APC  
    RF Characteristics
    Operating Bandwidth (MHz) 45   2600  
    Output Level (dBµV)   90   @Pin=0dBm 
    Flatness (dB) -1   1 45~862MHz
    -2.5   2.5 950~2600MHz
    Output Return Loss (dB) 14     45~862MHz
    12     950~2600MHz
    C/N (dB) 51      @Pin= -1dBm,Pout>88 dBµV, 84CH PAL-D,OMI=3.8%
    CTB (dB)  66    
    CSO (dB) 62    
    HUM (dB) -60      
    Output Impedance (Ω)   75    
    RF connector   F type(Male/female selectable) 75Ω
    General Characteristics
    Operating Voltage (DC) (V)   12    
    Consumption (W)   ≤3    
    Operating Temperature (°C) -20   60  
    Storage Temperature (°C) -40   85  
    Dimension (W)×(D)×(H) (mm) 105×67×24