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Optical equipment for cable TV

Horizontal Optical Fiber Joint Closure GPJ-MM 16

Horizontal Optical Fiber Joint Closure GPJ-MM 16
  • Summary
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    GPJ-MM 16 is designed to seal without screws. The compact size and flip-over cover bring easy operation as well as complete function.
    The splice trays are jointed with a hinge at one side, which makes the operation in each tray easier. It is designed to prevent from operation damage.
    Dimension(mm) 380×245×130 Max. capacity(Single fiber) 16
    Weight(kg) 4.5~5 Sealing type Mechanical
    Cable ports 1 input cable port for un-cut cable from diameter from10~17.5mm. 2 output cable ports for cable diameter from 8~17.5mm.
    16 output cable ports for cable diameter less than 4mm.
    Single splice tray capacity(Single fiber) 16
    Splice tray quantity 2pcs    

    Main Kits 
    S/N Description Quantity Note
    1 Lid 1 337(L)×242(W)×63(H)mm.
    2 Base 1  
    3 Sealing ring 1 Box sealing
    4 8202 sealing parts 16 Sealing cable ports
    5 Splice tray 4 For cable splicing and storage
    6 Splice tray cover 1  
    7 Splice tray bandage 1 Fixing several splice trays
    8 Fastener bolt 2 Fixing lid and cover of closure
    9 Buckle 4 Fixing lid and cover of closure
    10 Tight nuts 16 Sealing soft cable ports
    11 Tight tool 1 Special for tight the nuts
    12 Cable fixing panel 1 Fixing un-cut cable
    13 Adaptor installation panel 4 An adaptor panel for 6 SC simplex adaptors
    14 Splice tray bracket 1 Install 4 splice trays
    15 Top cover stopper 1 Limit top cover
    16 Plastic nuts 2 Fixing cable