Optical equipment for cable TV

FTTH Smart 2 Outputs Optical Receiver with WDM CSP-1010WD

  • Very low noise(3.8% modulation, -10dBm receive, CNR≥45dB).
  • Receive optic power in the range of +3dBm to -12dBm, all have good linearity.
  • In the rang of 47~862MHz, all have good flatness property(FL≤±1.0dB). .
  • Metal shell, supply safe guards to opto-electrical sensing device
  • High output level can supply for many users
  • Low power consumption, high cost performance

FTTH Smart 2 Outputs Optical Receiver with WDM CSP-1010WD
  • Summary
  • Features
  • Advantage
    CSP1010 1 output ports, output level ≥ 82dB μ V when the receiving optical power is -2dBm, is mainly used in FTTH. As RFTV broadcast network's RX unit, it is a kind of high index, Low power consumption and high cost performance RFTV optical receiver.This series product adopts high sensitivity receiving tube and special low noise matching circuit. Under 3.8% modulation, when transmitting in full channels and with receiving power of -10dBm, the CNR can still reach high index of 45dB. Therefore, if adopting CSP1010, it is only need very low optical power to reach 45dB CNR required by the user.
    Item Unit Specifications
    Optical Feature
    Receiving optical power dBm -18 ~ +2, AGC range (-15 ~-3) ( -12~0) optional
    Reflection loss dB >45
    Optical input wavelength nm 1550 (PON pass wavelength: 1310/1490)
    Connector   SC/APC or FC/APC; SC/UPC or FC/UPC
    Fiber type   Single mode
    Link Feature
    C/N dB ≥51 -1dBm optical power receiving
    C/CTB dB ≥65
    C/CSO dB ≥62
    RF Feature
    Work Bandwidth MHz 45~862/1006
    Flatness dB ±0.75
    Output level dBuV 85±1 (1000MHz)    AGC range (-8 ~ 0)
    Return loss dB ≥16(45~550), ≥14 (550~862/1000)
    Output impedance Ω 75
    Power consume W <1
    Size mm 96*50*23