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Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer CSP-520

Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer CSP-520
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    CSP-520 optical fiber fusion splicer is a mini fiber splicing equipment which is compactly designed, easy to carry and operation. It has vivid and exquisite image-forming system and high precision image processing technology on fiber alignment, which leads to its high proficiency in splicing and low loss. Its beautiful operation interface and body design conforms to operation principle of ergonomics, which greatly improves user experience. It is equipped with large capacity pluggable lithium battery, which provides reliable guarantee for a long time field work. CSP-520 is a totally automatic small, light and beautiful optical fiber fusion splicer with high performance, high safety, low power consumption.

    Applicable fibers SM  MM  DS  NZDS
    Fiber diameter Cladding diameter:80-150μm
    Fiber count Single
    Fiber cleaved length 8-16mm (Coating diameter:250μm)
    Actual average splice loss 0.02dB(SM),0.01dB(MM),0.04dB(DS),0.04dB(NZDS)
    Typical splicing time Typical 9 sec (standard SM fiber)
    Return loss >60dB
    Splicing mode Auto、 Calibrate、 Normal、 Special
    Fiber aligning method Meticulous、Core、Clad、Manual
    Splicing program 53 (templet), 40(user)
    Tube heating program 9 (templet),24(user)
    Tube typical heating time Typical 30 sec
    Protection sleeve length 60mm, 40mm
    Storage of splice result 4000 results, 20 parameter per result
    Fiber image magnification 120X (X or Y view),60X (X and Y view)
    Battery capacity Typical 300 cycles (splice and tube heating)
    Monitor 3.5 inch color LCD monitor
    Tension test 2N
    Electrode life 2500
    Terminal USB
    Power supply AC 100-240V with AC adapter DC13.5V  Inner Li-battery (5200mAH)
    Operating condition 0-5000m above sea level, -10-50℃  Max wind velocity of 15m/s
    Dimension 122mm(L)×148mm(W)×130mm(H)
    Weight 1.47Kg excluding battery    1.73Kg including battery

    Core to core alignment by PAS technology (PAS: Profile Alignment System)

    Fiber core can be display clearly

    Single X or Y view and X & Y view simultaneously   
    Auto check quality of cleaved end face

    3.5 inch color LCD monitor with clear digital image display USB interface

    Software upgrade via USB interface