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Optical equipment for cable TV

Mini Indoor Optical Receiver CSP-9008A

Mini Indoor Optical Receiver CSP-9008A
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    CSP-9008A series CATV converter for digital television, fiber to the home. This machine adopts the high sensitivity optical receiving tube, without power supply, no power consumption. When the input optical power output level Pin=-1dBm, Vo=6 8dB V, can be economically and flexibly apply the integration of three networks, fiber to the home network application. CSP-9008A appearance of enamel, there are two kinds of optical mode selection:
    1.CSP-9008A  :CATV operating wavelength 1260~1620nm.
    2.CSP-9008A /WF: built-in 1310/1490nm filter,suitable for single-fiber triple wavelength
    system,CATV Operating wavelength 1550nm.
    Performance Index Supplement
    Optic feature CATV work wavelength (nm) 1260~1620 H9008A
    1540~1563 H9008A/WF
    Channel Isolation (dB) ≥40 1550 &1490nm
    Responsibility (A/W) ≥0.85 1310nm 
    ≥0.9 1550nm 
    Receiving power (dBm) -14~+2 Digital TV (MER>29dB)
    Optical return loss (dB) ≥55  
    Optical fiber connector   SC/APC H9008A-SC
    FC/APC H9008A-FC 
    RF feature Work bandwidth (MHz) 45 ~ 1050  
    Output level (dBμV) >68 Digital TV (Pin=-1dBm)
    Return loss (dB) ≥14 47 ~ 862MHz
    Output impedance (Ω) 75  
    Output port number   1  
    RF tie-in   F-Female  
    Digital TV Link feature OMI (%) 4.3  
    MER (dB) ≥38 Pin = -1.0dBm
    ≥30 Pin = -13.0dBm
    BER (dB) <1.0E-9 Pin :+2.0 ~-14.0dBm
    General feature Work temp (ºC) -20 ~ +55  
    Storage temp (ºC) -40 ~ 85  
    Work relative temp (%) 5 ~ 95  
    Size (mm)  23×53×12 A Type (Enamel Type)