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Optical equipment for cable TV

FTTH Smart 2 Outputs Optical Receiver with WDM CSP-1010WD

FTTH Smart 2 Outputs Optical Receiver with WDM CSP-1010WD
  • Summary
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  • Advantage
    CSP1010 1 output ports, output level ≥ 82dB μ V when the receiving optical power is -2dBm, is mainly used in FTTH. As RFTV broadcast network's RX unit, it is a kind of high index, Low power consumption and high cost performance RFTV optical receiver.This series product adopts high sensitivity receiving tube and special low noise matching circuit. Under 3.8% modulation, when transmitting in full channels and with receiving power of -10dBm, the CNR can still reach high index of 45dB. Therefore, if adopting CSP1010, it is only need very low optical power to reach 45dB CNR required by the user.

    • Very low noise(3.8% modulation, -10dBm receive, CNR≥45dB).
    • Receive optic power in the range of +3dBm to -12dBm, all have good linearity.
    • In the rang of 47~862MHz, all have good flatness property(FL≤±1.0dB). .
    • Metal shell, supply safe guards to opto-electrical sensing device
    • High output level can supply for many users
    • Low power consumption, high cost performance

    Item Unit Specifications
    Optical Feature
    Receiving optical power dBm -18 ~ +2, AGC range (-15 ~-3) ( -12~0) optional
    Reflection loss dB >45
    Optical input wavelength nm 1550 (PON pass wavelength: 1310/1490)
    Connector   SC/APC or FC/APC; SC/UPC or FC/UPC
    Fiber type   Single mode
    Link Feature
    C/N dB ≥51 -1dBm optical power receiving
    C/CTB dB ≥65
    C/CSO dB ≥62
    RF Feature
    Work Bandwidth MHz 45~862/1006
    Flatness dB ±0.75
    Output level dBuV 85±1 (1000MHz)    AGC range (-8 ~ 0)
    Return loss dB ≥16(45~550), ≥14 (550~862/1000)
    Output impedance Ω 75
    Power consume W <1
    Size mm 96*50*23