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Optical equipment for cable TV

RFoG Bi-Directional Optical Node with WDM CSP-2360WD

RFoG Bi-Directional Optical Node with WDM CSP-2360WD
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    RFoG Node is a RFoG Optical Network Unit (R-ONU),It support RFoG (RF over Glass) FTTx solution,provides front-to-user passive optical fiber connections, to provide the increased bandwidth, to provide the development objectives of the user, such as high-definition television, high-speed data and telephone.To provide the GPON (Gigabit-capable PON) wavelength, can provide a seamless interface to connect to the GPON/EPON ONT use dynamic noise isolation technology, effectively eliminating the “funnel effect”Optical and RF state indicate, and detection sets.

    1. 1550 nm forward path receiver
    2. Return path laser: CWDM Burst-mode with wavelength of: 1570 nm, 1590 nm, 1610 nm
    3. Internal WDM to add GEPON wavelengths of 1310nm and 1490nm
    4. Single optical fiber for forward / return path
    5. Operating Temperature : -40 ~ +60 C
    Number Item Unit Description Remark
    Customer Interface
    RF Connector   F-female  
    Input Optical Connector   SC/APC or FC/APC  
    Output Optical Connector   SC/UPC or FC/UPC  
    Power Supply   F-female  
    Optical Parameter
    Responsivity A/W ≥0.9  
    Input Optical Power dBm -7~+2 AGC
    Optical Return Loss dB ≥45  
    Input Wavelength nm 1260~1600  
    Receive Wavelength nm 1550  
    Bypass Wavelength   1310/1490  
    Optical Fiber Type   Single Mode  
    RF Parameter
    Frequency Range MHz 47-1000  
    Flatness dB ±0.75  
    Output Level dBµV ≥80 AGC
    CNR dB ≥50 -1dBm input power
    CSO dB ≥62  
    CTB dB ≥65  
    Return Loss dB ≥16  
    AGC Stability dB ±1  
    Output Impedance Ω 75  
    Other Parameter
    Power Supply VDC 12  
    Power Consumption W <2  
    Dimensions mm 100*98*28