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Optical equipment for cable TV

Optical Line Terminal ZXA10 C320 GPON OLT

Optical Line Terminal ZXA10 C320 GPON OLT
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    Original Optical Line Terminal GPON/EPON/GEPON OLT ZTE ZXA10 C320

    ZTE ZXA10 C320 configuration:

    2 SMXA/1 main control board; ( Control, GE Uplink and DC power 3 in 1 card)
      SMXA/3 10G Uplink main control For Option   PRAM   DC & AC Power board for Option

    1 GPON or EPON 8 ports board with 8 Modules; (GTGH ETGH16Ports for Option)

    2 Power cables

    1 RJ-45 first turn 9-pin RS-232 female network cable

    1 RJ-45 Network cable

    OLT 1G OLT 1G Main Control Board 2*SMXA/1 (control, GE uplink, DC power 3 in 1 card)
    10G OLT 10G Uplink Main Control
    Power Board DC & AC PRAM board
    Service Board GPON / EPON 8 ports board + 8*modules or GTGH / ETGH 16 ports board + 16*modules
    Accessory 2*power cables, RJ-45 first turn 9-pin RS-232 female network cable, RJ-45 network cable
    Small Size & Compact Design
    2U Height Facilitates installation + saves room space + save backbone fibers
    High Density GPON/EPON ≥32 ports / chassis. P2P ≥48 ports / chassis.

    Flexible Networking & Full-Service Access
    Multi-application Scenarios FTTH, FTTB, FTTV, PON+EoC, Mobile backhaul, cascading, ring network and other compact access scenarios
    Multi-Play Service Access Supports mainstream services: HSI, VoIP, IPTV and CATV services, and meets the all-service access requirements.
    AC and DC power input Supports DC input redundancy and AC power supply
    Unified Platform & Saving TCO
    Multiple-PON Supports GPON/EPON/P2P, and XGPON1/10G EPON later
    Reducing Initial Investments Reasonable price and compatible C300 line cards could greatly save the equipment costs.
    Future-Proof Product & Supporting Network Convergence
    Smooth Migration Uses the ZXA10 C300 hardware and software architecture, and continues to upgrade based on the technology development and service requirements.
    Highly-Precise Time /
    Clock Synchronization Features
    Supports synchronous Ethernet and 1588v2 to meet the networking and service requirements for mobile backhaul.
    Carrier-Class Reliability & Full Redundancy System
    Uplink Protection Supports STP/RSTP/MSTP/UAPS/LACP link protection and redundancy.
    Redundancy Supports the key parts work in active/standby mode or redundant mode. All cards are hot swappable.
    Environment-Friendly Product & Green Communication
    Low power Consumption Design Complies with Europe COC, RoHS and other energy saving/environment protection requirements. •Complies many certifications: CE, FCC, CB, MEF
    Green and Energy Saving Utilizing environmentally friendly materials & supports power management
    Automatic Laser Shutdown (ALS)) for optical interface and boards dormant mode
    35% less power consumption than the large OLT