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Optical equipment for cable TV

CATVSCOPE 16Core FTTH Fiber Optical Terminal Box

CATVSCOPE 16Core FTTH Fiber Optical Terminal Box
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    Termination box is suitable for jointing fiber cable and pigtail ,and it protects fiber optic splices and help to distribute .The termination box is either a wall-mounting type or a desktop type ,which is mainly used in telecommunication equipment room and network equipment room
    1. Industry Standard User Interface, be made of engineering plastic. 
    2. Light weight , small size ,easy installation 
    3.can accommodate 1x8 & 1x16 PLC splitter
    4. Ultra Violet resistant, waterproof and dustproof
    5. up to 16 pcs of FTTH drop cable
    6. wall mounting and pole mounting application 
    7. 2 inlet ports and 16 outlet ports 

    Model No 16Core FTTH Fiber Optical Terminal Box
    Dimension( L×W×H ) 306mm×240mm×106mm
    Weight(gross)  1.68kg
    Adaptor type SC /LC
    Splitter type Mini splitter, 1×8, 1×16, 2×8, 2×16
    Max splitter 1:16
    Max capacity(F) 16