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Optical equipment for cable TV

SC fast connector

SC fast connector
  • Summary
  • Features
  • Advantage

    1.High performance optical quick connection products with high quality and effective installation

    2.Pressing position use newly special structure design, without infusion, grind and waste material.

    3.Use embedded fiber type structure, ensuring the high installation quality, success rate and quick installation.

    4.Can be reused, simple operation.

    5.Easy to carry.

    1.     Use for open FTTH Optical terminal to end.

    2.     Connection in closure, cabinet, terminal box etc.

    3.     Recovery and maintenance in the accident like fiber cut situation.

    4.     LAN, WAN, data and video transmission.

    5.     Construction and maintenance in the FTTX of terminal user

    6.     Fiber to mobile base station.