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Optical equipment for cable TV

1550nm Single Port EDFA EA-55xx

1550nm Single Port EDFA EA-55xx
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    The EASeries are high reliable & durable single output Fiber Optic Amplifier.  It employs high performance Multimode Pump laser, high quality Passive device (WDM, Filter) and Erbium-Doped fiber with our advance technology to generate strong Fiber Optic Power.

    1. Module Design, easy to  install and maintain
    2.  Up to +26 dBm Power
    3. NF of 4.5dB
    4. Card type SNMP
    5. 1+1 Power supply (Backup)
    Items Parameter
    Wavelength nm 1540~1565
    Optical Input Power dBm -5~+10
    Nominal Optical Input Power dBm +3
    Noise Figure(0dBm,@1550nm) dB 3.8~5.5
    Gain Flatness dB <±0.3
    Optical Output Power Stability dB <±0.5
    Polarization Sensitivity dB <0.2
    Polarization Mode Dispersion ps <0.5
    Optical Connector(IN/OUT)   FC/APC, SC/APC
    Working Pump Quantity nm 1~3
    Saturated Output Power dBm 13~26
    Power Source(Vac) V 85~265, plug-in type power
    Power Source(Vdc) V -48Vdc, plug-in type power
    Working Temperature 0~50
    Size mm 483x280x44