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Optical equipment for cable TV

FC Type Optical Fiber Adapters

FC Type Optical Fiber Adapters
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    Fiber optic cable adapters are specially designed to provide precise fiber optic cable to cable connection or patch cords(9/125) to equipment connection.
    Fiber Optic Patch Panel equips you with an easy and cost-effective way to organize and manage your fiber cabling.
    Engineering plastics, with high temperature resistance, not easy to oxidize the advantages.
    Application:Optical fiber distribution frame (ODF);Optical fiber communication network;Fiber optic broadband access;Optical fiber CATV;Optical fiber meter;Fiber optic LAN.
    ● CATV
    ● Telecommunication networks
    ● Test equipment
    ● Metro
    ● Local Area Networks(LANs)
    ● Data processing networks
    ● Insertion Loss<0.20dB
    ● Durability<0.20dB typical change,1000 matings
    ● Operating Temperature:-40 to +80℃