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Optical equipment for cable TV

FTTH closure box CSP-125A

FTTH closure box CSP-125A
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    Material Size Max Capacity Numbers of Adapter Weight Color
    PC+ABS L*W*H(mm)
    Splice 24 Fibers
    PLC Splitter
    1pcs of 1x2(SC)
    24 pcs SC/UPC or SC/APC


    · Water-proof design with IP-65 Protection level.
    · Integrated with splice cassette and cable management rods.
    · Manage fiber in a reasonable fiber radius condition.
    · Easy to maintain and extend the capacity.
    · Fiber bend radius control more than 40mm.
    · Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice.
    · 1pcs of 1*2PLC Splitter can be installed as an option.
    · Efficient cable management.
    · 1 mid-span cable entrance for feeder cable (2 ports), 16 ports for 4-7mm drop cable.