Optical equipment for cable TV

Ultra High Power Multi Ports Er-Yb Optical Amplifier EYA Series

Ultra High Power Multi Ports Er-Yb Optical Amplifier EYA Series
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    The Multiport High Power Optic Amplifier mEAseries adopt EDFA and YDFA Technologies, Gain:13-26dB employs the EDFA technology, Gain more than 26dB uses the YDFA. This series’ Max.high power is up to +37dBm (Total Power) and up to 64-Output ports, Gain: 19dBm output Per Ports (32 Ports). This series are able to conveniently be deployed in Xpon network to deliver the Video (Analog, QAM) business to achieve the tri-play network, because inside of this Housing equipped WDM multiplexers for each output Ports, they redirect the 1310/1490nm wavelengths, which carry the Data package from OLT, and then add the 1550nm wavelength together output through each output ports.
    This Multiport High Power Optic Amplifier mEAemploys Multimode Pump laser, high Performance WDM, Isolator, Er/Eb double-clad, large-core fiber technologies to achieve the high output power in conjunction with low cost. The automatically cooling system offers a best working environment; ensure this whole unit breezily operates without interrupt.
    Electrical specifications  
    Number of Ports 4,8,10,12,14,16 and 32
    Type of output interfaces SC/A PC (6,8,10,12,14,16,32)
    Output Power Per Ports, dBm 16 to 21 (Non-CWDM) @ 32Ports
    15 to 20 (Built-in CWDM) @ 32Ports
    Port to Port Variation, dB 0.5
    Operating Wavelength range, nm 1540 to 1560
    Composite Input Power Range, dBm -5 minimum, 10 maximum
    Noise Figure (Pin=0dBm), dB 4.5 to 5
    PDL, dB 0.3
    PMD, ps/nm 0.3
    PDG, dB 0.4
    Isolation between Input and Output, dB 30
    PPL(Pump Power Leakage), dBm -30
    Return Loss, dB 55
    Power supply 90 to 265 (220VAC)
    30 to 72 (-48VDC)
    Power Consumption, W 50 to 150
    Mechanical Specifications  
    Dimensions, inch 19x15x1.75
    Environmental Specifications  
    Working temp,°C 0 to 65
    Relative Humidity, % 5-95
    Storage temp,°C -40 to 80

    Built-in WDM for Xpon
    Up to +38dBm Total Output Power
    NF of 4.5dB
    Supports SNMP
    1RU and 2RU