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Optical equipment for cable TV

Economical 1550nm External Modulated Optical Laser Transmitter EOT55XXE

Economical 1550nm External Modulated Optical Laser Transmitter EOT55XXE
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    EOT55XXE is a model of 1550nm externally modulated optical transmitter which adopts narrow line width, low noise, and continuous wave DFB laser. Adopting LiNbo3 external modulator that is expecially designed by JSDU, EOT55XXE external modulated optical laser transmitter can reach high index of CNR =51dB, CTB= -65dB, CSO= -65dB, SBS 13~18 dBm adjustable. The whole unit is equipped with SNMP network management, 1+1 plug-in back-up power supply.

    1. High Performance
    2. CNR = 51dB, CTB= -65dB, CSO= -65dB
    3. Narrow line width continuous wave DFB laser
    4. SBS 13~18dBm adjustable
    5. AGC/MGC optional
    6. LiNbo3 external modulator
    7. SNMP network management
    8. 1+1 plug-in back-up power supply
    9. CE approved
    Items Parameter Remark
    Optic Parameters Operating wavelength nm 1550nm±10nm  
    Output powr dBm 2x7 1X3, 1X5, 1X6, 1X7, 1X8, 1X9, 2X3, 2X4, 2X5, 2X6, 2X7, 2X8, 2X9
    Return loss dB ≥52.0  
    Optical fiber connector   FC/APC Optional SC/APC,FC/APC
    RF Parameters Bandwidth MHz 47~750 or 47~862  
    Input level dBmV 23±5 AGC
    Flatness dB ±0.75 45~(862)1080MHz
    Return loss dB >16  
    Input Impedance Ω 75  
    Link Parameters Channels   PAL-D/60ch  
    CNR dB ≥51 65KM fiber,revieve 0dBm
    CTB dB ≤-65  
    CSO dB ≤-65  
    SBS dB 16.0 13~18dB adj
    General Parameters NM interface   RJ45  
    Power V 90~265 Optional-48VDC
    Power consumption W ≤50  
    Working Temp °C 0~50 Automatically casing temp control
    Storage Temp °C -20~85  
    Operating relative humidity % 5-95  
    Size " 19x14.5x1.75 W x D x H