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Optical equipment for cable TV

Fiber Optic Distribution Box ODF-7

Fiber Optic Distribution Box ODF-7
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    Rack Mounting Enclosure is designed as drawer type which could be easily pulled in and pulled out for convenient operation. It is made of quality metal for the use of fiber splicing and distribution. The installation could be done on the frame or rack directly while no need to take the whole box down but only need to take down the top cover for operation and maintenance.
    1 Used for ribbon & bunch fiber cables.
    2 19’ standard rack design with static-spray, nice looking.
    3 Makes the inlet of fibers more flexible and convenient.   
    4 Clear fiber route, pigtails could be winded and stored on the tray.
    5 Symmetrical side panels, unique design of inlaid structure for fibers. 
    6 Can install FC, SC, ST or LC or duplex LC adapters according to actual requirement .
    7 The depth of installation could be adjusted, easy flexible installation and maintenance.