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Optical equipment for cable TV

ZTE OLT ZXA10 C300 the industry's first future-proof optical access platform

ZTE OLT ZXA10 C300 the industry's first future-proof optical access platform
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    The ZXA10 C300 allows operators to offer end users high bandwidth, multiple services, QoS and security efficiently and reduces the TCO. It provides stable technology and service platform for full-service access and management such as HSI, VoIP, TDM, IPTV, and mobile backhaul,etc.

    ZTE ZXA10 C300 configuration:

    2 SCXM control board; (SCXL For Option)

    1 GPON or EPON 8 ports board with 8 Modules; (GTGH ETGH16Ports for Option)

    2 GUFQ board(4SFP Slot), 2 uplink modules on each;(HUTQ( 10G Uplink) GUSQ(2SFP Slot & 2RJ 45 GE Ports) Board for Optioin)

    2 PRWG power boards;  (AC to DC Power Converter have to buy separate)

    2 Power cables

    1 RJ-45 first turn 9-pin RS-232 female network cable

    1 RJ-45 Network cable

    1 Earth Cable

    The ZTE ZXA10 C300 are 48V DC input, the Power Rating is 48V - 60V; EMERSON EPS30-4815AF are Recommend

    Seven access modes and the coexistence of three generations of PON technologies ensure

    sustainable network evolution.

    Supports GPON, EPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, 10G-EPON, NG-PON2 and PtP access.

    A unified platform that supports the coexistence of GPON/EPON, 10G PON and NG-PON2. 

    Supports on-demand deployment and flexible access.

    Large capacity and high integration

    Supports 128 10G PON/Combo PON ports per chassis.

    Supports 256 GPON/EPON ports per chassis.

    A mature commercial 10G PON platform that meets large-scale deployment requirements in the 10G PON era 

    Leading position in 10G PON deployment.

    Industry’s first symmetric/asymmetric 10G-EPON commercial use.

    Supports symmetric/asymmetric 10G GPON access.

    Industry’s first XG-PON large-scale commercial use.

    Industry's first innovative Combo PON solution that significantly reduces the difficulty and cost of upgrading from GPON to 10G PON 3-in-1 feature (GPON+10G PON+WDM1r) in one Combo PON port and two generations of PON technologies integrated in one card help smooth upgrade from GPON to 10G PON.

    Uses the existing shelves, racks, ODFs and other resources to reduce the equipment room space greatly and to save CapEx.

    No additional insertion loss. No need to change the existing ODN.

    Saves the spare parts and maintenance cost and reduces OpEx.

    Fast service provisioning through “zero” data planning and “zero” manual configuration

    Automatic service configuration. 

    Automatic ONU access.

    Exports ONU data in batches and implements ONU plug-and-play.

    Convenient and efficient service provisioning.

    Configurations Options for ZXA10 C300 

    GPON / EPON OLT ZXA10 C300 10U with 14 Slot for Pon Board
    Configuration options 
    ZXA10 C300 Chassis+Fan+2*SCXM(or SCXN)+2*PRWG+GUFQ; accessories
    ZXA10 C300 Chassis+Fan+2*SCXM(or SCXN)+2*PRWG+2*GUFQ; accessories
    ZXA10 C300 Chassis+Fan+2*SCXM(or SCXN)+2*PRWG+HUTQ(or HUVQ); accessories
    ZXA10 C300 Chassis+Fan+2*SCXM(or SCXN)+2*PRWG+2*HUTQ(or HUVQ); accessories
    ZXA10 C300  Chassis+Fan+2*SCXM(or SCXN)+2*PRWG+HUTQ(or HUVQ)+GUFQ; accessories
    ZTE OLT Option Part
    GTGO 8 ports GPON board with 8 B+ modules.
    GTGO 8 ports GPON board with 8 C+ modules.
    GTGO 8 ports GPON board with 8 C++ modules.
    GTGH 16 ports GPON board with 16 B+ modules.
    GTGH 16 ports GPON board with 16 C+ modules.
    GTGH 16 ports GPON board with 16 C++ modules.
    GTTO 8 ports 10G GPON board with 8 10G GPON modules
    GTXO 8 ports 10G GPON board with 8 10G GPON modules
    ETGO 8 ports EPON board with 8 modules.
    ETGH 16 ports EPON board with 16 modules
    ETTO 8 ports 10G EPON board with 8 10G EPON modules
    GUSQ 2*GE optical + 2*GE/FE RJ45 uplink card
    GUFQ 4*GE/FE optical interface Ethernet uplink card
    HUTQ/HUVQ 2 ports 10GE and 2 ports GE optical interface Ethernet uplink card
    SMXA/1 Tri-functional card for C320 , the switching, control card & GE uplink
    SMXA/3 Tri-functional card for C320 , the switching, control card & 10GE uplink