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YD/T 1537-2015 Telecommunications System Outdoor Cabinets IEC/EN 60950-22

YD/T 1537-2015 Telecommunications System Outdoor Cabinets IEC/EN 60950-22
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    YD/T 1537-2015 Telecommunications System Outdoor Cabinets IEC/EN 60950-22
    As tough competition in the communications industry, telecommunication operators pay more and more attention to their core businesses. However, the investment in human resources in the construction and maintenance of protective cases (shelters, cabinets etc.) if the main equipment carriers gradually decreases. In addition, 4G development requires the rapid increase of the number of base station sites, and the defects of the traditional tile&brick building restrict rapid deployment. The application of outdoor Cabinet can solve the above problems.
    CatvScope provides perfect outdoor cabinet system solutions, including waterproof and anti-vandalism cabinets, communication power systems, heat management & environment monitoring systems, and audio distribution and fiber distribution management systems. The cabinet is made from galvanized sheet or high-intensity aluminum alloy plate, which can efficiently defend against the illegal external intrusion and resist against various adverse environments (rain, snow, frost, hailstone, dust, salt fog, solar radiation, and so on). so as to provide complete protection for electronic devices inside the cabinet.
    CatvScope outdoor cabinet can be applied to such fields as communication systems, CATV, electric power, transportation, and industrial control.
    5G plan will be available in 2020, CatvScope is preparing for arrival of the 5G era, to understand the 5G application equipment and architecture, research and development of new outdoor integrated cabinet.
    Outdoor Cabinet Technical Specifications:
    Cabinet Part Customer
    Order Information  Specifications note
    Outside Size Width and Depth (600*600mm, 600*700mm, 600*800mm,
    700*600mm, 700*700mm, 700*800mm)
    High  ( 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm)  
    Inside Size 19inch or 21 inch optional  
    Front Space 50-150mm Optional  
    Back Space 50-150mm Optional  
    PDU Input 16A, output 10A American standard,6 or 8 ports  
    Pallet Standard 2 pieces  
    Equipment Part ( Optional )  
    Power Supply      
    UPS, Battery built-in 1KVA/0.8KW LCD display 2*12V9Ah battery built-in 2U rack type,   AC or DC Power Supply Customized  
    UPS, Battery built-out 1KVA/0.8KW LCD display built-out 2U rack type, AC or DC Power Supply
    Battery 12V/80Ah, size: 330*173*214mm
    Cool Fans 2 or 4 Fans in the top Customized  
    Air-condition Cooling capacity 200W, 500W, 1000W, 1500W,2000W etc  
    Temperature monitoring   Optional  
    Power monitoring    
    Fire monitoring    
    Water Proof monitoring    
    Smart Agile Centralized Management Monitoring Software  
    Intelligent centralized management software, can manage all the outdoor and indoor cabinets in the equipment room. When abnormal conditions occur, it will alarm, automatically adjust the temperature and keep it constant.  

    Ambient condition
    Ambient temperature: -40℃~+55℃
    Storage transport temperature: -40℃~+70℃
    Relative humidity: 5%~95%
    Atmospheric pressure: 62kPa~101kPa
    External interference resistance
    Solar radiation intensity: 1120x(1±10%)W/m2
    Ingression Protection Degree: IP55
    Wind resistance : 60m/s(Cabinet)
                  22m/s(Door-restrict device, after door being open)
    Condensation: No condensation(before equipment operation)
                No falling dew(during equipment operation)
    Anti-corrosion: No protective performance deterioration after salt fog test

    1. Use of quality raw materials and special surface treatment, featuring perfect weather resisting property, with a service life over 15 years.
    2. No exposed screws in the entire cabinet, dedicated outdoor lock, multi-point locking, and perfect damage-resisting performance.
    3. Fully-welded framework-type Cabinet.
    4. Heat insulation structure, effectively reducing the environmental impact on the equipment.
    5. Chamber design for the main equipment, cables and power supply, for the convenience of management and maintenance.
    6. High integration, and compatible with various 4G equipment.
    7. Power lines and signal lines have independent entry holes do not interfere with each other.