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Optical equipment for cable TV

CSP-6000A Series Magnetic Saturation Barostat

CSP-6000A Series Magnetic Saturation Barostat
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    CSP-6000A series magnetic saturation barostat adopted the high quality magnetic saturated transformer, high overload capacity, efficiency convert and low loss. It  has  automatic constant voltage and short circuit protection function. It can isolate grid fluctuation of 220V  AC effectively and insures the CATV circuit equipment safe operation. It’s a desirable power equipment of big and medium-sized CATV system.
    Input Voltage V AC 110 ~ 220V( 50Hz)
    Output Voltage V AC 90V ± 3V ( 50Hz)
    Output Current A 2A, 3A, 4A, 6A, 10A, 15A
    RF Inserter Operating Frequency MHz 5 ~ 860
    Insertion Loss dB ≤ 1
    Return Loss dB ≥ 14
    Operating Temp -40 ~ +40
    Insulating Character V 1500 ( 1 min no puncture)
    Note: Due to the output voltage wave is square wave of magnetic saturated transformer,  so there will be more error when test the magnetic saturated power supply with digital multimeter.