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CATV Bi-directional Trunk Amplifier GM-1040A

CATV Bi-directional Trunk Amplifier GM-1040A
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    The GM-1040AGC CATV Bi-directional line Trunk amplifier operates within 5-1000MHz, built-in perfect AGC circuit enables its output level keep stable and reliable. On the forward path, The pre-amplifying stage adopts a Low NF, excellent nonlinear index Push-pull NEC amplify module to obtain the adequate driving signal with Good C/CTB, C/CSO index to feed the Post –amplify stage, and the Post-amplifying stage employs a high performance Power-double amplify module to ensure it generate a strong RF signal with excellent C/N, C/CTB and C/CSO, Equipped Plug-in ATT and EQ is for optimizing the link performance.
    Electrical specifications
    Number of Optic Output Ports 2
    Type of in/output interfaces F-female
    Gain, dB 40
    Input level, dBuV 72
    Output level, dBuV 108
    Flatness, dB ±0.75
    Noise Figure, dB ≤ 10
    Fixed Plug-in ATT, EQ range, dB 0-18 for ATT, 0-15for EQ, 1dB Stepping
    Return Loss, dB ≥ 16
    C/CTB ≥ 67
    C/CSO ≥ 69
    AGC Pilot Frequency, MHz 168.25 or specified
    AGC working range, dB ±4 (INPUT)/ ±0.5(Output)
    Group delay, ns ≤ 10 (112.25 MHz/116.68 MHz)
    Signal to Hum Ratio,% < 2
    Impedance, ohm 75
    Frequency Split, MHz 44/54 or 65/87
    Gain , dB 24/ reverse Path
    Output level, dBuV 110/ reverse Path
    Flatness,dB ±0.75/reverse Path
    Noise Figure, dB ≤ 10/reverse Path
    CNR,dB ≥ 52/reverse Path
    Group Delay, ns ≤ 20 (57MHz/59MHz) /reverse Path
    Signal to Hum Ratio,% < 2/reverse Path
    Test Port, dB -20
    Power supply AC(135 ~ 250)V; AC(35 ~ 90)V
    Impulse Withstand Voltage (10/700 μs) ,kV > 5
    Power Consumption,W 25
    Mechanical Specifications
    Dimensions, mm 260(L)x 200(W)x 130(H)

    1. Up to 40dB Gain
    2. 2 x Outputs (5-1000MHz)
    3.  Automatically Gain Control (AGC)
    4.  Frequency split: 44/54, 65/87
    5. High Perforamnce switch power supply