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Wide Voltage Range RF Amplifier CSP-860K

Wide Voltage Range RF Amplifier CSP-860K
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    K Type Forward Path Trunk Amplifier, 2 port output, forward path amplifier module, 26/30dB gain. Variable ATT and EQ is available, local and remote power optional.
    Type Parameter CSP-860K
    Bandwidth (MHz) 45~ 862
    Nominal Gain (dB) 30
    Flatness In Band (dB) ±0.75
    Nominal Input Level (dBμV) 72
    Nominal Output Level (dBμV) 102
    Gain Adjustment Range (dB) 0~ 18
    Slope Adjustment Range (dB) 0~ 18
    C/CSO (dB) -61
    C/CTB (dB) -64
    Noise Figure (dB) ≤8.5
    Return Loss (dB) ≥16(45~ 550MHz) ≥14(550~862MHz)
    Input, Output Impedance (Ω) 75
    Gain Drift(dB) ±1 (-25~ +55℃)
    Supply Voltage (V) 110-270
    Thunderstroke Immunity (kV) 5 (10-700μs)

    1. Suitable for trunk amplification and extending amplification insingle-way CATV system; 
    2. Manual gain control and slope control; 

    3. In aluminium-alloy housing, waterproof, dustproof and fast heatdissipation and fine screening characteristic; 
    4. Provide two power supply method, AC30~60V or AC220V; 
    5. Efficient R-transformer for selection; 
    6. Using plug-in module design to make upgrade easy; 
    7. High capability to price ratio.